Weed Control

Weeds interfere with the beauty and function of turfgrass areas. Weeds may indicate the turfgrass area has been weakened by some environmental condition, pests, and/or improper maintenance activities. An effective weed control program, and a healthy turfgrass is the best defense against weed infestation. Herbicides are important tools for controlling weeds in turf, but it is also very important to maintain a healthy lawn. The first step in weed control is a management program that produces a dense, vigorous, healthy turf of an adapted turfgrass variety by mowing, watering, and fertilizing properly. Severe insect and disease attacks create openings in turf coverage that will allow weed invasion. These problems should be controlled as they arise.

About Webster’s Weed Control Program

Webster’s weed control program consists of two applications, one in the spring, and one in the fall. This program has been proven to be very effective, and provides lasting results throughout the year. Not only does our program save the customer money, this program provides much better results than the typical program of five to seven applications most other companies use. With Webster’s program, all five chemicals are put into the tank at one time, including pre and post emergent herbicides. By mixing these chemicals at the full recommended rate, our program has a much longer residual life (amount of time the chemical will remain in the soil). These herbicides also complement each other during the control process, by applying them together, Webster’s can provide a healthy lawn, and the desired results all customers expect. Please contact us for more information about our program.